Ancient Knowledge + Modern Technologies + My Personal Experience
= Rapid Transformation

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My passion is Vedic philosophy, Indian astrology and numerology. Since 2001 I am running private business.

I wasted years and tens of thousands of euros going in circles, taking lessons, and making a lot of failed attempts until I understood the Universal Code principle.

I strongly believe that Universe is helping us as soon as we step on the right path – I would like to call it “ the Warrior Path”. We all are warriors, seekers, explorers.

Usually, when we reach our early or mid 40s’ we start to look back at our lives … and start to realize that material goods we own are not giving satisfaction we thought it would.


We call it midlife crisis – a loss of self-confidence, anxiety and disappointment about our accomplishments.

Then we start to dive deeper in seeking our true purpose … My mid-life crisis happened in 2016.

After long inner battles I decided to seek ways how to make my life more meaningful and contribute back to society: my idea is to combine Vedic knowledge with the technologies and new age achievements for rapid and steady progress. My passion is to help building abundant life and business through a holistic approach to reach long term success

I believe that life shouldn’t be complicated, therefore all information and teachings I provide are simple with step by step approach and easy to understand. End result should be rapid changes in areas where you apply this knowledge.

My mission:   
It’s my duty and privilege to share my knowledge and experience and do whatever I can to make life more comfortable, easy and luxurious for those people who cross my path.

My vision:
Brake taboos and old thinking patterns for the good of mankind.

Welcome to the club of 
Warriors – Seekers – Explorers