One 2 One Life Counselling

The Art of Abundant Living – O2O Individual Program that Works!

Are you willing to step out of the box and re-write your destiny?

Holistic approach counselling to integrate Your mind and spirit to design new version of yourself.

To be in FLOW with the life and enjoy it in its fullest expression, we all have to find a balance in 4 major areas of life:
Virtuous and proper lifestyle;
Self actualization, libertation;
Wealth, career, activity to make a living, financial security;
Emotional fulfilment, pleasure, sensuality.

3 week / 6 week / 8 week / 12 week program

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My Method:
Ancient Knowledge +
Ancient wisdom and hacks will support you to bring your body and mind in a powerful state of energy, focus and balance.
The more you are aligned the more you can enjoy the process and results.

Modern Technologies +
What we understand we can change! You will dive deep in your subconsciousness and reprogram your inner world toward your goals. The focus is always to free your truth and your deeper potential.

My Experience +
My all teachings are backed-up with personal experience and knowledge. I wasted years and tens of thousands of euros going in circles, taking lessons, and making a lot of failed attempts until I understood how to utilize my knowledge to achieve maximum results.

= Rapid Transformation
The Program is designed for you to get a concrete result, where you never believed in reaching it. Be ready for a deep structural change as we are working on your belief system, habits and understanding of your true self.

Counselling is future orientated; a motivating discussion about where you are now and where you would like to be. You will start to think BIG so that you can act BIG.

Step # 1  Exploration
It is only about you, your needs, wishes, understandings, perspectives, fulfilment, goals and actions for Extraordinary Results and Purpose in Life.

Step # 2  Define
breakthrough in one specific Life Area, where you want to upgrade your actual status or where you feel stagnated right now.

Step # 3  Design
an individual program that is suitable particularly for your needs

Step # 4  Agree
on program details, training schedule, goals, results you want to achive

Step # 5  Process
with weekly highly personalized Counceling  and Email Support we will build up the exact steps to transform your life towards your wishes.  You will create the mindset you need to reach your goals, a healthy lifestyle that serves your physical high-performance state and a connection to your deeper spirit.

Step # 6  Follow Up
Follow-up Session later in the year to make sure you’re on the right track

The Coaching Program Includes:
● 1 x 60 minutes Intake Session to help us identify where you are in your journey
● 1 x 45 minutes individual Coaching Session every week
● Weekly Challenges to help you stay accountable towards achieving your goals

● Create lasting change
● Take and maintain significant action
● Stay accountable
● Live in alignment with yourself
● Feel excited about tomorrow

Your individual Vedic Astrology chart where we will determine your Soul’s Purpose and Tools life wants you to use to reach that goal.

Unlimited email support for 3 months, you can email me anytime if you have questions or if you want me to review any work.

It is a brave decision as you are going very deep and far with the help of the ancient Yogi technics and wisdom technology.

Counselling provides confidential support. This means that everything you discuss is private, between you and the counsellor. The exception is when a counsellor has a duty of care to report something that threatens your wellbeing or the wellbeing of others. This legal requirement will be explained to you in your first counselling session.


Sessions can be carried out Face-to-Face or Zoom/Skype.

An advantage of meeting via Skype or Zoom is that you can enjoy transformation in the comfort of your own home, halfway across the world or wherever you feel is a good space for you to be in.

Money Back Commitment
If during your first session, for any reason, you ask for your money back, you will receive an on the spot no hassle 100% refund.

Our “Do-Over” Commitment
If you are not 100% satisfied with a session, I will give you a ‘do-over’ at no extra charge.

*All commitments are valid for as long as we are in business. 
**Up to one session per month.