One Hour Seminar

The Art of Abundant Living – the KEY to TRIUMPH

How to Start Your Morning to Tune In with the Universe to set up your day for Success 


Some people are more productive, some are less. Guess what? Productivity has a direct colleration with your success and earnings. 

Not all days are lucky: sometimes you might feel exhausted, sometimes haven’t  slept well, frustruated, angry. And this is normal! You don’t need to change that by force! It’s ok not to be on the top every day. 

And there is no need to push you hard beyond limits. Actually, that can lead to opposite results and generate stress and anxiety.

However, there are certain exercises, that has been used centuries ago by yogis, that pacified their mind and spirit, and allowed to be more relaxed, concentrated and focused.

Centuries old exercises combined with modern technologies can make your perception sharp and energy levels more balanced and you can go more in flow during the day. 

We offer 1 hour live seminar, packed with simple yet powerful exercises that will assist you to prepare for your day and be in much better mental shape.

Here is what you will learn during this short seminar:
  simple yet very powerful exercises that stop your monkey mind and then re-activate it for productive work throughout the day, 
  step by step instructions how to perform them in proper way to achieve maximum results,
  ancient secrets combined with modern technologies.

Will perform practical exercises for immediate results: 
morning gratitude exercise to raise up positive emotions,
breathing exercise to synhronize “positive and negative” energy flow through your body,
“Bumbee” exercise to rise vibrations in your brain and open up for information flow,
exercise to move up energy from lower body into consciousness to increase your intuitive powers,
exercise to sharpen your intelectual brain and improve your logical thinking and problem solving capabilities, 
infinity exercise to connect left and right brain to synchronise logical thinking with creative thinking and increase your productivity throughout the day.

By doing these simple exercises on a consistent basis – your productivity will increase and you will achieve more balance in your daily routine. 

And, it takes only 10 minutes every morning to do these exercises and set-up for success for the day.

Next live seminar starts August 05, at 7:00 pm CET

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