The Art of Abundant Living

True prosperity lies in our ability to nourish mental as well as the physical needs.

To be in FLOW with the life and enjoy it in its fullest expression, we all have to find a balance in 4 major areas of life:

Virtuous and proper lifestyle;
Self actualization, libertation;
Wealth, career, activity to make a living, financial security;
Emotional fulfilment, pleasure, sensuality.

Following our true purpose of life is the key answer.

The essence is to distinguish between what you actually NEED versus what you WANT on a daily basis to achieve that balance.

However, there is a big difference between the things you NEED and the things you WANT.                                                                                                       
True prosperity means to have the things that are NEEDED to fulfill obligations on your path of true purpose. These material or mental things should come in your life at your command. This is called MANIFESTATION.

So, the trick here is to understand what is truly necessary at particular period of your life.

Very few people know the real meaning of actual NEEDS.

Most people spend their entire lives and energy trying to make money and think that it is going to make them happy and financially secure.

However the entire purpose of life becomes futile when material happiness eludes you or you loose your wealth.

But, think for a moment – when wealth is lost, actually you lost just a little bit.

When your health is lost in pursue of false happiness, you have lost much more.

But when your peace of mind is lost, everything is lost.

Do you know how to become truly prosperous?

True prosperity comes by increasing your mental efficiency which in turn will enable you to get the things you really NEED to follow your True Life’s Purpose.

If you know how to withdraw your attention from all objects of distraction and place it upon one object of concentration, you will know how to attract what you NEED.

When you are able to find the answers to everything within yourself, you will be able to say, “I am living an abundant life”